Anabela Rato


I graduated in Portuguese and English Teaching, did an MA in English Language, Literature and Culture, and received my Ph.D. in Language Sciences from the University of Minho, Portugal. I am an assistant professor and the associate chair of Portuguese at the Department of Spanish and Portuguese, University of Toronto, and before I was a visiting assistant professor at the Institute of Arts and Human Sciences, University of Minho. Since 2017, I am the president of the Canadian Association of Teachers of Portuguese (CATPor). My research interests include second language speech acquisition, speech perception and production, phonetic training, applied phonetics, and sound variation. I have worked on two research projects funded by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) – Sociolinguistic Profile of Braga’s Speech and Portuguese as Heritage Language and Language Change -, a project on The role of cross-language phonetic similarity and articulatory difficulty in L2 speech learning, supported by the Connaught Fund, and currently I am working on How do we perceive and talk our parents’ home language? – The case of Heritage Portuguese, funded by Jackman Scholars in Residence 2018 and SIG fund, and Heritage and Homeland Portuguese for Course Projects, supported by the ATLAS Fund, University of Toronto, Canada. I have published mostly in Portuguese, Brazilian, and Spanish peer-reviewed journals.